When will this be over?

My Vogue for Cats audition

What model doesn’t want to be in Vogue?  What photographer doesn’t want their work in it?

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We’re brooding and complex.

I want to thank Shalimar and Boomer for their modest degree of cooperation in this shoot.


Somewhat Random

Just a few shots around the home and around the area. Beauty is everywhere.field, Newport Hwy, Forbidden Caverns area, photography

sunset, birdhouse, photography photography, New Salem Baptist Churchcows, photography, field, abandoned house


abandoned house, photography

light effects, photography


photography, fog, tree, field


          photography, art, basement window

photography, New Salem Baptist Churchphotography, New Salem Baptist Church

New Salem Baptist Church in Sevierville.  Earliest surviving brick church in the county.  Fundraising for care and restoration has been going on for decades.  Sevier County doesn’t really seem to care about history.  Unless is pays.

barbershop, Knoxville, TN

This is one of my earliest photographs, a night photo of a barbershop on Tennessee Avenue in Knoxville.



Gran’s Barn & Environs

barnsBarns, storage, birdhouse on Gran‘s remaining acreage around 2005.  Settled by her parents as part of the Homestead Act around the 1880’s.  At the time I took these photos, the buildings were more than a century old and still solid and in use — literally across the road from the Smoky Mountain Park boundary. The livestock was gone but root vegetables were still sheltered there for winter use.